3 Reasons why Cloud Security is More Important Than Ever

Cloud services seem benign to most people and companies that use them. The reality, though, is that cloud services can open you up to security threats. These threats shouldn’t prevent you from using cloud technology, but you should consider these three reasons why cloud security is more important now than ever.

More Companies Are Investing in Cloud Technology

Cloud computing offers several benefits that companies cannot ignore. By converting to cloud technology, companies can lower operating costs, give remote employees access to information and applications, and take advantage of the latest tools without making long-term commitments. With so many advantages, it just makes sense for companies to use the cloud instead of purchasing their own servers and software.

The cloud has become such an important part of business and daily life that experts expect it to become increasing popular over the next decade. In 2015, companies spent a total of $33 billion on public cloud hardware and infrastructure software. Researchers predict companies will spend $228 billion in 2026.

With such a heavy investment coming from so many organizations, it only makes sense to pay more attention to cloud security. Without improved security, companies could put private information at risk.

Threats Can Come From Inside and Outside Your Company


Image via Flickr by NEC Corporation of America

Hackers pose an obvious threat to companies that use cloud services. With the rise of ransomware, keyloggers, and other types of malware, businesses are understandably concerned about outside threats.

Outside threats, however, don’t account for all data losses. In some cases, employees cause far more data leaks than hackers. When it comes to employee information, about 32 percent of leaks come from inside companies while 28 percent comes from outside forces. Internal and external threats both account for 15 percent of intellectual property breaches.

Most leaks caused by employees are completely accidental. People lose their mobile devices, forget to log out of accounts, or share files they didn’t know were confidential.

Since threats come from so many places, companies need to use security measures that address all types of potential breaches. For instance, SkyHigh’s cloud access security brokers (CASB) increase visibility, technology compliance, data security, and threat protection. Given the wide range of threats, companies need security technology that blocks interior and exterior leaks. Otherwise, they will eventually fall prey to breaches.

Not All Service Providers Offer the Same Levels of Security

The growing popularity of cloud computing has encouraged more businesses to offer their clients cloud-based services. Most of those companies provide strong security measures that protect sensitive data stored in the cloud. Like any rapidly growing industry, though, you will find some companies that lack the experience and desire to meet their clients’ needs.

Unfortunately, some cloud service providers don’t seem to take security seriously. At the very least, they don’t know how to provide the levels of security that businesses need to protect data about their employees, customers, and research. This situation makes it more important than ever for businesses to take cloud security seriously.

Cloud security will probably remain a serious concern for the next several decades. Learning more about your security options now will help you protect your data and prepare for future technological developments.