Breitling Gift Guide for Your Man

Men might not let out so much about wanting gifts and surprises, but let’s face it –everyone loves a good present! Whether it’s marking your first date, your anniversary, his birthday, a new job, or a random token of love, every moment you spend with him can be the perfect time for the perfect present. And what better gift than the gift of time!

It’s no secret that men love watches. So if you’re feeling like pampering your man with a little wearable luxury, then go ahead and give him another reason to fall in love (with a luxe new timepiece, and you, the thoughtful bearer of this amazing gift!).

A luxury watch checks off all the right boxes–it’s actually usable (unlike all the cufflinks you’ve given him that lay in some cobwebbed corner of his drawers); it’s meaningful, it shows you’ve invested time, effort (and some dough); it’ll be a great extension of his personality and style (assuming you choose the right watch, but we’ll get to that in just a bit); it’ll last the distance (like your relationship, we hope!); and of course, he’ll be straight out of excuses on being late to date night!

When you set out to get him the perfect luxury watch, you need to be careful of two things: one, finding the right dealer, and two, finding a design that matches his character and needs. Tackling the first is easy enough –you just need to walk in to luxe brand’s showroom or a certified retailer, or find an authorised Breitling Watches dealer online, on the lines of Ethos Watch Boutiques, who’re among the top dealers in luxury watches in India. As for the second matter at hand, that’s what we’re here for! We’ve rounded up some our favourite Breitling watches that suit different styles& needs. Take your pick and make him the happiest man alive with one of these awesome tickers!

For Everyday Use 

A smart way to go about gifting a Breitling is to go in for something more generic. If that approach appeals to you, then what you’re looking for is something he can use every day. Something he can wear on a daily basis is a great gift. Here’s a simple, no-nonsense option:

Breitling Superocean A17392D7/BD68/162A 

Breitling Superocean

Simple steel bracelets or plain leather straps will do the trick. Look out for a basic dial, or go the other extreme and keep an eye for watches with multiple functionalities that can come in handy, anytime, anywhere. Luminescent hour markers, time-zone calculators, and such additional features are always a blessing. 

For the athlete in him 

If he loves a good game of sports, then look for a more sturdy, durable and hardy timepiece. Considering the fact that Breitling manufactures watches for aviators and divers, each and every timepiece is sure to be a beacon of reliability and sturdiness. While all Breitling watches are inherently sporty, so to speak, here’s one that really looks the part:

Breitling Avenger V1731010/BD12/100W/M20BASA.1

When he means business 

If he’s the kind of guy who’s always rushing in and out of formal business meetings, or holds a high-flying position at a corporate outfit, then a smart and sophisticated timepiece is the right choice. While traditionalists prefer a sleep leather strap for a more corporate look, here’s a timepiece I personally find to be a great mix of style and sophistication for the fashionable, modern gentleman: 

Breitling Transocean A4131012/G757/171A 

For his high-fashion fix 

If you’ve found yourself the kind of guy who loves his fill of fashion, then consider yourself lucky. The world of luxury watches holds much in store to fit his bill. If he’s experimental and always on trend, this a hint of rose gold like in this model is going to be a big win with him: 

Breitling Superocean Heritage U1732112/BA61/435X/A20BA.1 

Luxury watches that are right up the high fashion alley are a great choice for a man with a distinct sense of style. 

For his plush preppy side 

For the kind of guy who likes his outfits tailored to the T, a sleek, chic model like this one will strike just the right chord:

Breitling Superocean Heritage A1732116/G717/112X/A20D.1 

A neat, clean design with a refined and super suave look is just what he needs to complete his preppy do. The elegant look is immediately recognised as a mark of true luxury. 

For his quirky sense of style 

Love all those quirky little things about him? If he’s got that eccentric, quirky kind of character, then he’d really appreciate a timepiece that packs an edgy punch. The bright yellow dial on this particular model adds an element of fun and playfulness to the otherwise classic look –the perfect kind of balance your man needs in his life!

Breitling Avenger A1733110/I519/169A 

So, ladies, there you go — Check out Breitling’s collection of super fine luxe timepieces, and give your love a big ‘time’ surprise!