Thinking of how to increase connectivity with your social circle? How to receive alerts, organize your memos from office in a better? Receive text messages from home without having to switch attention? With Bluestacks app player you actually can get all of the above done. Bluestacks App Player is an Android application emulator that is built to run Android .apk files on common desktop platforms. Be it the old, hardy and reliable or the sleek new Windows 8.1, thanks to Bluestacks App player you can run your favourite apps from your desktop.

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BlueStacks App Player pc

Bluestacks App player seems to be a hit with everyone who looks to not only achieve better connectivity but is also a gem of a software to maximize the synchronizing capability of your phone. For example, one can install WhatsApp on their PC and set up an account under their cell phone number. Thanks to Bluestacks App Player, you can receive all your Whatsapp messages on PC.

Without the need to continuously switch your attention from your desktop to your handheld, imagine the amount of time conserved and the level of communication that is in your grasp. And not just WhatsApp; Bluestacks App Player can be used to play all your favourite applications, be it your favourite games or be it that nifty application that organizes your memos better. Accessibility never felt so close did it?

Installing the apps are not hard either. Just download the .apk and double click it, the app should start and finish installing itself in a while and run like a charm with the others.

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