5 Games that Have Android Users Caught in a Fantasy

Moving players away from PC and Xbox play faces some challenges. There is the upfront cost of creating games for mobile only in a market where most users opt for free games.

There is the challenge of reconfiguring existing games to be fully mobile. And, there is the low retention rate measured when users stop playing after trial periods.

Nevertheless, Kotaku.com says, “There are a bunch of great games available for Android phones and tablets.” There are new word, mystery, puzzle, and more games. But, here are five games that have Android users caught in a fantasy.

  1. Star Wars™ Knight of the Old Republic™ will take a while to download. It is big and robust, bursting at the seams. Thousands of Jedi and Sith continue to battle on some 4,000 years before A New Hope. Play well, and you may decide the war’s results and your future as a Jedi.

The game shows its age, but the script still holds up presenting complicated tactical and ethical decisions. But, the Android version does not cut any corners and presents the game in full.

  1. Chaos Rings III builds complex characters against complex backgrounds starting on a blue star and reaching for the Marble Blue planet. A teenage hero must recruit others to deal with monsters, creatures, treasures, and legends.

Chaos Rings III is so full in potential, twists, turns, and surprises, it may be too much for mobile play. It is time-intensive and, perhaps, better played on a PC.

  1. Shadowrun Dragonfall updates medieval dungeons to a world where lines blur between man and machine. It’s our world, yet it’s not. In 2054, Germany has broken up, the “Flux State” rules, and trolls and elves are everywhere.

Your task is to lead “shadowrunners” despite chaos and rumors that the Great Dragon still lives. This Director’s Cut brings a cyber-punk energy to a RPG world already a generation old.

  1. Aralon: Sword and Shadow lets you customize your avatar and choose levels of play before beginning a quest for Aralon. Tasks and challenges appear in richly detailed and authentic, a 3-D world of textured scenes, clothing, and character.

There are fish swimming, flaming campfires, sunrises and sunsets, and you can ride horses and other creatures through this dynamic world. It’s a lot to pack into mobile delivery, but you will engage.

  1. Final Fantasy XV builds on the close relationship between Prince Noctis and his companions. Combat scenes are real-time with actors fighting as one instead of sequentially.

The team banters, there is an undercurrent of romance, and their dragon slaying is a team development time. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire mobile app assigns you a Realm where you create a Guild. From there, you construct your own Empire despite traps and threats.

Your final play

Android technology has the potential to host and develop fantasy games to optimize their play and purchase. Android 4.4 and higher plays brighter, textured, and richer to engage players who prefer role playing and fantastic challenges. The only remaining challenge for Android is to put a price on customer engagement.