5 Best Antivirus for Windows XP 2016

All the windows users here will be made clear with the best antivirus for your PC. If you are windows 8 user, you are safe with some basic features provided by the OS in built. But if you are the Windows XP user, you need to urge to get the best antivirus software for your PC. With the clarity at the end of this post, you will surely select one from these 5 best antivirus for windows XP to secure your PC.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Antivirus for Windows XP 2016

Bitdefender Antivirus software can be stated with a great confidence that it is the best of any other Antivirus available in the market.  It provides all the basic and many extra features in Rs. 1809 very less amount than provided by any others. It eradicates malware and warns the user about all the Phishing sites.

Coming to the performance of this software, protection score is 100%, Repair score is 92% and Usability score is 100%. By these three factors, we can see the performance as 98% which was certified by AV-test and Virus Bulletin 100.

The features provided by it are Anti-malware, Anti-virus, Anti-Trojan, Anti-spyware, Anti-worm, Anti-rootkit, Browser exploits, secure Network, Email protection, Scans compressed files and auto-scans infected files, Quarantine Infected files, protects Instant messages and registry startup, Bootable rescue CD, Anti-phishing, Gamer Mode, Protect USB Storage. With a full time technical support through any media like email, phone or even live chat.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky all the best features provided by Bitdefender. It s performance almost equals Bitdefender with protection score 99%, Repair score 92% and Usability score 100%. Certified by AV-test as 95% performance and also certified by Virus Bulletin 100. IT provides all the features like Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Anti-Trojan, Anti-spyware, Anti-worm, email protection, Registry startup protection, Protect USB storage, Auto-scan infected files and Quarantine them and all other features provided by Bitdefender.

It costs around Rs. 3621 which looks so high out of all 5 best antivirus for windows xp, but it satisfies the user for the amount they spent on it. Kaspersky excel in its feature of protecting from malware and it is capable of disinfecting PC’s that are already infected, which makes this the best. Technical support all ways is available for this also.

Norton Antivirus

It is dedicatedly good for windows xp products. It is very high at its repair score by 100%, protected score 99% and usability score 92%, which makes its performance 93%.

It provides all the features as Bitdefender and Kaspersky at a cost of Rs. 2415. And its help and support also in all ways, phone, email and live chat.

G Data Antivirus

It is one other best Antivirus software in the market with high protection and usability of 99% and 100% respectively with comparatively less repair score of 75%. It does its best in protecting PC from malware and repairing already infected PC’s and Quarantine them.

It costs around Rs. 2413 with a performance of 86%.

AVG Antivirus

It can be listed as one of the 5 best antivirus for windows xp. Its Performance is 8.38 by averaging the protection, repair and usability scores 98%, 75% and 92% respectively.

AVG antivirus mainly discovers and stops most of the malware. The PC version software also includes protection for Android devices, with which you could also secure your Android Smartphone in the cost Rs. 2113